Our company, which has been producing textiles and fabrics since 2001, has entered the Modesty sector since 2004. Our wholesale hijab factory, which first opened to Asian countries and then to Europe, America and Australia, has been known as one of the best factories in the sector for many years.



With more than 5000 products in stock, we offer our customers a wide range of products. We can make special productions for our customers if they wish. Our first priority with our customers is to continue our business for many years. As in every business, we, as a supplier, need to help you win in your own market, and in this way, we can make a joint profit.


Some areas we work in

  • Wholesale Hijab

  • Wholesale Abaya

  • Wholesale Islamic Gifts

  • Wholesale Holy Quran

  • Wholesale Bag

  • Wholesale Gift Box

  • Wholesale Clothes

  • Photo Shoot



Purchasing Procedure

All the products we sell are sold as wholesale, but our customers can also purchase retail if they wish. The cargoes we send are 100% insured with a world-renowned company. If you have any problems with the products you have received, you can solve your problem by contacting the sales department of our company. We give a satisfaction guarantee to all our customers.