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Discover the depth of the Quran’s wisdom and spiritual teachings in this comprehensive and illuminating introduction. With necessary tools, knowledge and guidance, embark on a spiritual journey that will help you unravel the mysteries within the Quran.

Wholesale Quran
Wholesale Quran

Learn basic Islamic terminology and the core concepts of the Holy Quran

With the guidance of an experienced instructor, learn and understand Islamic terminology, core concepts and foundational moral values from the Holy Quran guided by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Develop your understanding on topics such as Tawheed (Oneness of Allah), angels, prophethood, Iman (faith), and Akhirah (Life after death) through interactive lessons.

Understand how to approach and interpret the verses in their historical, textual and philosophical context

By taking this class, you will understand how analyze the verses of the Quran to make sense of its teachings and meanings. Learn how to interpret verses in context of the historical and cultural environment during Prophet Muhammad’s time. Analyze for linguistic and rhetorical features including word derivation, other works written at the same time, variations/parallelism found in multiple related passages, intertextual connections etc. Furthermore, explore how verses deal with philosophical questions such as epistemology (beliefs based on reason or personal experience) and ontology (theories about “being”).

Develop mindful habits to foster a more profound relationship with your faith and its fundamentals through self-reflection and spiritual contemplation

Engaging in spiritual contemplation is an essential journey that can aid in deepening your relationship with your faith, Quran studies and its teachings. Develop the discipline of mindful habits to relax the mind and body, foster tranquility and promote better focus on studying. Regular meditation can also help in reinforcing a reflective mindset when analyzing the verses of the Quran. Moreover, employing self-reflection techniques can ultimately broaden one’s understanding about fundamental aspects of faith such as morals, justice, piety and virtue.

Acquire knowledge on the elements that shaped classical commentaries on the Quran as well as contemporary interpretations for a holistic approach to its study

Understanding the classical commentaries of the Quran, such as those of Al-Tabari, Ibn Kathir and Fakhr al-Din Razi have been instrumental in deciphering the historical context during which they were written. Similarly, if you are looking to explore more progressive interpretations, modern scholars like Ismail Faruqi and Muzammil Siddiqi offer a holistic approach to studying the scriptures transcending literal translations to gain insight on its intended spiritual meanings. By familiarizing yourself with these various interpretations, you can become more engaged in the study and discerning of Quran’s teachings.

Explore Quranic exegesis or tafsir to probe deeper into understanding and application within our daily lives

Quranic exegesis, or tafsir, is integral to understanding and application of the Quran in our daily lives. Through the study of exegesis you build a bridge from speculative knowledge towards actionable deeply rooted wisdom that is applicable to our society today. It will equip you with analytical and interpretative skills to understand scripture analyses that go beyond textual translations into questions related to meaning, intent and purpose. By acquiring a comprehensive knowledge on tafsir, you gain insight into various commentaries on the scripture by scholars throughout its diverse history.

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