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Medina Silk Hijab

Luxury Hijab Medina Silk


Medina Silk Hijab Wholesale OptionsWhat is the market value of Medina Silk Hijab?

Medina Silk Hijab, which has been popular for the last 5 years, is the best-selling product in Europe. It has gradually started to be recognized in America, Canada, England and Australia. Sales prices vary between $9.99 and $28.99 depending on your sales strategy.

How is the fabric?

Unlike Chiffon and Georgette fabric, it is a 100% opaque product. It does not slip on the head. Usually used with undercap.

Is it suitable for all seasons?

Yeah. It can be used in all seasons. In addition, it can be easily worn at special events, weddings or daily use. There are different color options so you can combine it according to the color of the outfit you wear that day.

How many pieces should be purchased per color at least?

There is no minimum purchase amount for all the products you will buy from our company. But if you are buying Medina Silk Hijab for re-sale, we recommend that you buy at least 5 pieces in one color. Because after selling 1 color, you may have problems with your customers if they order the same color afterward. Therefore, by keeping at least 5 colors, you will ensure your stocks.

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