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A square hijab is a stylish and versatile way to cover up without sacrificing your sense of fashion. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more creative, you can use simple techniques to make your square hijab into a beautiful and unique head-turner. Let’s explore the possibilities!

Square Hijab
Square Hijab

Select the Fabric Design You Love

Before you can start styling your square hijab, you’ll need to pick out the perfect fabric. There are endless options to choose from in terms of color and design. Consider what will best reflect your personal style while still being appropriate for the occasion. Mix and match textures and patterns to create something really unique!

Choose the Signature Style That Fits You Best

Ready to get started? Choose from a selection of signature styles that will look great with your square hijab. These include the Turban Style, Classic Knot Wrap, Half-Up Half-Down Style, and Bow Style. Each style has distinctive features and gives you a chance to add your personal touch in whatever way you see fit. Try out each style and see which one fits you best!

Pre-Tie Your Hijab: Pins, Tacks and Clips

The first step in styling your square hijab is pre-tying it. Securing it with pins, tacks and clips will give you a great base to work on. Make sure the edges are laying flat and everything looks neat before adding the extra touches. Once the basics are ready to go, you can begin adding accessories like brooches, Head scarf undercaps and bands to complete your look.

Try Different Ways to Drape and Style Your Square Hijab

You can try various drapes, such as the swing style or double-wrap. To give your hijab a smooth finish, you can flat iron it after pre-tying it to help it fall perfectly around your face. If you want to add more dimension, you can use scrunched materials for extra texture and flair. And for a modern touch, don’t be afraid to add in faux leather pieces, sparkles, tassels and other fun items. With all the combinations available to you, there are endless possibilities so that you can create a look that is uniquely yours!

Incorporate Accessory Items for Added Glamour and Elegance

To add texture and character to your hijab, why not utilize fun accessories? Adding a beaded necklace, rhinestones, or even faux leather pieces is the perfect way to make a style statement. Tassels and other trendy items can also serve as great accents. You can either sew them on to create a permanent look or coordinate for an interesting contrast. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hijab look…you’ll be sure to turn heads!


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